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Outboard is the only brand dedicated solely to the outboard-powered boat owner.


Experience More

I hope when you put this issue down you’ll have learned about the new engines that are on the market and the new boats they’re powering. I hope your wanderlust is sparked by some of the incredible destinations we cover. But more important, I hope after reading this issue you’re inspired to get out on the water and, as the magazine tagline reminds us, to go out and experience more.

A Peek at Some of What’s Inside

New Boats

The latest in outboard propulsion from Tiara, Winter and Chris-Craft.

New Propulsion

Engines continue to grow—plus three of the newest V-8 offerings.


Multi-outboard catamarans are poised to take on mono hulls.

In the Wake

For outboards, as in life—the more things change, the more they stay the same.

Meet the World’s Largest Center Console

With the launch of its 65 Estrella, HCB takes the title of the world’s largest center console, and creates a new category of yacht all its own. 65 Estrella